Group of adult students learning MandarinOur Chinese courses take place in Chinatown, smack in the historical centre of Singapore and have been designed with great care. They cover the entire spectrum of levels and learning goals.

So no matter how well you speak Chinese right now or why you want to improve it, we have a course that will help you meet your personal goals. When you join, our trainers will first perform an assessment of your proficiency level. After this, they will advise you which course is most suitable for you.

Here is a detailed look at the different Mandarin courses we offer:

Mandarin courses group-classes

In this series, we focus on practical aspects of the language – learning how to converse and communicate efficiently in Mandarin. This is structured and split into six sub-levels, meaningfully divided in terms of context and scope.

After you complete our conversational Mandarin course, Singapore will feel like a very different place for you. You will be able to speak Mandarin in different social and work situations. Altogether, the full 6 levels of our Conversational Mandarin Course will cover 1,200 Chinese characters.

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Mandarin courses essential-level

Many of our students are happy to achieve the ability to speak Mandarin confidently, which is what the conversational Mandarin course is designed to teach. If you are keen to learn advanced business Mandarin sentence structures, reading and formal writing, our Business Mandarin course is just right for you.

This level is designed for corporate clients and businesspeople who need to be well-versed in business language and contract terms. It’s especially suitable if your company has set your sights to do business in a Chinese speaking business environment.

To cater to the higher capabilities of more advanced students, the learning pace of this course is considerably faster than the conversational course. 

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intensive Mandarin courses

This level is designed for individuals who need to be well-versed in business language and contract terms for their own industries. We can customize the course syllabus to be industry specific and support your business objectives. Training hours can also be tailored according to your needs, you only learn what is important for your business.

Our trainers have many years of experience in providing professional and corporate training – in sectors including banking, oil and gas technology, finance and insurance.

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Are you interested, or wonder where you would fit in? Simply contact us and we will be glad to give you friendly advice.